What We Do


We’re creating new paths to careers and opportunities by:

Shifting perceptions around who dirt bike riders are and who engineers can be

Introducing a model for social change that invests in our communities through programming

Creating careers for now and the future

We accomplish this by:

Providing Transferable Skills Through STEM Education and Workforce Development 

We developed a STEM education curriculum rich in dirt bike culture that ignites the ingenuity of our young students under age 16, teaching them technical STEM skills with practical application, along with dirt bike riding safety in provided safe spaces and skills training.

We bring in former street riders over age 16, train them in our curriculum, and hire them as instructors. This builds their skill sets in mentoring, STEM, entrepreneurship, and beyond. We also give them the opportunity to ride safely with us.

Increasing Public Safety Through Advocacy

B-360 advocates for those that want to ride safely. Baltimore and many other cities around the US need better connectors with their street riders, designated safe spaces for them to grow their talent, and better policies that allow them to do so. We work with city and government agencies to shift riders out of traffic and uphold public safety.

Building Community Through Events

We love the thrill of doing stunts and popping wheelies, but we also stress safety. To shift riders out of traffic, we curate events in safe spaces for riders of all ages to display their talents and riding style safely.

Want to be the revolution?

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